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Generation One© Coaching Center 2017-2018

New development and few changes to enhance education and fun.

School Dates and Timings

Sunday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
[New timing, good news is fee structure remains same]

Fall Semester
Sep 10 - Oct 8
Nov 19 - Dec 17
All together 2 and half months of class

Spring Semester
Jan 7 - Mar 4
Mar 25 - May 7

Age Limit

Ages 6 – 13


Masjid Ibrahim
8521 W Highway 71
Austin, TX 78735

Only 1 mile from the fork of 290 and 71W. Right by the Covered Bridge subdivision.

Classes structured for different levels, boys and girls separate.

Boys and girls will be separately taught.

There are three levels of Qur'an, Arabic, Islamic studies and Salat classes.

One day a month will be activity day inshaAllaah. Children will be working on art projects and fun themes geared towards Islamic Education.

Parents must fill up the forms below and indicate which level their child(ren) belong.

Student Enrollment Form 2017

Education & Fun Activities

  • Qur'an
  • Arabic
  • Aqeedah, Seerah
  • Manners
  • Du'as etc..


No food breaks are planned, so please do not send any food.


All our daughters age 8 and up must come with school uniform. School uniform for our daughters is the Islamic full hejab. That is to wear a full jilbaab and a khimar.

For our sons, they should all come with full pants and loose shirts inshaAllaah

School Fees

Fees should be paid monthly.

Monthly fees (must be paid in the beginning of the month, this is not a one time payment):

  • $100/child (monthly)


Parents must fill up the registration/enrollment form (link is above).

After registration, either one or both parents have to set up an interview with the co-ordinator.

Based upon the interview, the child will be registered in the coaching center.

There is no interview and no enrollment on Sundays, all process must be done before the class starts.


Contact Us

Raihan Kamal 512-590-0913, email utkamal1@gmail.com

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